Beyond Inspiration – The Art of Roederick Vines


Size: 12 x 16

“Beyond Inspiration” is definitely an appropriate name for this book of images. A kind of autonomy began to take place while in this course of productive output; love and curiosity being the fuel. I must say this journey has been and is currently a joyous process that keeps giving. But let’s make no mistake about it, as a business and an opportunity to weave one’s God-given gifts into the history of the world, and in my case, keys and tools in place to record and document our African-American setbacks and progress. It is tremendously hurtful to have to separate Americans by color or otherwise. However, I will continue in my delineation to make clear the blurred projections of my people (Black people) by those who do not wish us well.



It is highly possible that if not for the kinds of atrocities imposed upon Black people, that my subject matter would have taken many other twists and turns. Who knows what kind of images may have erupted. As you’ll see in the book, there are quite a variety of issues I cover other than issues of race. Music, family, love, romantic love and children. The sky’s the limit? I question this. Think out of the box beyond the sky beyond inspiration. Dare to imagine, break the rules. Hence, all broken rules must be replaced by better, clearer, and more ground-breaking ways of doing things.


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