Artist Wife


Imagine… an intimate story about a sheltered daddy’s girl named Grace, with a supportive middle-class mom who is a first-year college Art major. Imagine that Grace… falls in love with her college professor and marries him. Imagine that she doesn’t know everything about him before they both become part of the international art world and that prestigious art galleries from New York City to romantic cities in Europe become their stomping grounds, but the cost of fame for her husband Wellington gets both lucrative and dangerous.

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Grace in the novel the Artist Wife is a true 21st century Millennial. She is the “shero” of this novel and she will indeed intrigue you with the resilience of her commitment to her man, and with challenges that she faces with thugs, friends, the law, affluence, blackmail, institution building, murder attempts, personal tragedy and triumph to test her identity as an artist wife, and to find herself as a grown-woman who is, “fearfully and wonderfully made”. Her strong family foundations save her and her husband, and her incredible individual talents and skills get her finally to a happy ending as an artist who gets internationally recognized in the process too.

This awesome-action adventure novel shows us all that, “with God all things are possible”! Grace is always aware of her need for a stronger relationship with God, but circumstances shape her deliverance, and her faith, family and friends help to provide the Angels in Disguise to overcome and triumph over confronted worldly evil and enemies on every strata, that must be prayed back away from her to be placed, “under foot”.



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Artist Wife

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